Thursday, August 16, 2012

Beacon of Excellence 2012-2013

Today was Meet the Teacher and I had the pleasure of meeting 18 of the 19 firsties I will get to spend the next school year with and it was FABULOUS!  Thank you to all the families that turned out to get a quick peek into where all the magic happens.  I just love teaching and 1st graders are the BESTEST ever!  Some of my new friends were a little cautious and I can understand that but it won't take long for them to see all that we have to offer at Cypress Creek.  Volusia County's theme for the school year is Beacon of Excellence.  Check out the cool logo.

So I looked up beacon and wikipedia says, "device designed to attract attention to a specific location".  I want others to see our classroom to attract attention to the bigger picture, I mean place, Cypress Creek  Elementary.  We have so much to offer.  I hope the children will showcase their thinking and inspire others to learn along with them.  I hope the parents will share our learning with family members because after all you heard "it takes a village."  I hope my teacher friends that read our blog will be inspired to design an environment that will attract attention to what we can all do to be better teachers for our young people.     I do so love going to work each morning, reading with my friends, learning about math, performing experiments, and just listening to their stories.  So thank you for trusting me with your little people and I hope you see our light shine throughout the upcoming school year.

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