Sunday, July 1, 2012

Common Core is here!

Common Core?  What is that?  46 of the 50 states have adopted a set of standards to prepare our children for career and college readiness.  For so long we have taught a "mile wide and inch deep."  Meaning we taught so many things but skimmed the concept.  Common Core is teaching to depth and understanding.  WOW a shift I know. Fortunately the K-2 teachers at Cypress Creek piloted Thinking Math Common Core Edition training this past school year.  We read the standards, collaborated with one another about what it would look like, and even visited a school to see it in action.  Since we were the pilot we were offered an opportunity to attend the AFT National Stakeholder's Conference in Baltimore.  Cypress Creek Elementary was highlighted and given time to speak to a room with over 200 educational leaders from across the United States, with only 30 minutes to share our success, funding, and next steps.  We wanted to showcase teachers, parents, and most important, our children and share their excitement.  Thank you to Mrs. Williams, Mr. Wheatley, Devyn, Andrew, Brady, and Cate for letting us share you with the world.  The message was well received and here is the video we shared.

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