Sunday, April 8, 2012

We love Salsa Addiction!

A few weeks back our theme was Inventions.  We talked about inventions and how they make our lives easier to live.  We read about a few famous inventors and their inventions.  It took 4 years for Thomas Edison to get the light bulb the way he wanted it.  It takes hard work, ingenuity, and determination to be an inventor.  I giggle because these were some of the oral vocabulary word our firsties learned.  :)  We asked Ms. Maria to bring in her creation-Salsa Addiction.  We learned about her journey to get Salsa Addiction on the grocery store shelf near you!  She owns a catering business and made her salsa for friends, family, and clients.  They encouraged her to bottle and sell it.  She did just that and currently sells salsa at the Green Market on Saturday morning.  Then began the search for a manufacturing plant.  She is taste testing the 3rd sample so maybe this one is the one!  One day soon we might be able to purchase Salsa Addiction at Publix or Tijuana Flats but right now we can buy it at Fresh or the Green Market.  Good luck Ms. Maria!  Thank you for sharing your story and bringing in salsa and chips.  It was so yummy we ate it all up!  Maybe one day one of our firsties will invent something new to change the world.  I told them don't forget your 1st grade teacher. :)

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