Friday, June 4, 2010

More on it takes a village...Our fabulous Music Department

Another fabulous program at Cypress Creek Elementary is our Music Department. Our music teachers Mrs. Hood and Mrs. Kidd meet with various enrichment group both before and after school. Some of the groups include Rockin' Recorders, Chorus, Percussion, and even harps. Second semester they started Pup Choir (our mascot is an otter-get it-"pup", little otter, LOVE IT!) We have a few students in pup Choir and their debut performance was fabulous! Parents love the programs and we are convinced that it helps our kids/students in the classroom. You should hear them read with rhythm and prosody. We hear them making beats and they did a fabulous job playing the xylophones. Thank you for all your extra time and effort in helping our children succeed in music and life.

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