Monday, May 31, 2010

We love the Fishing Tournament!

A school holds so many special people. I am sure you have read time and time again, "It takes a village." Our Coaches sell popcorn and jolly pops each Friday and you might wonder where does the money go? Let me share a few things the coaches don't let many people know about their selflessness. The one day each child looks forward to each year is Field Day. All of the supplies, ribbons, prizes, trophies, and food and water for volunteers are paid for with the profits of the weekly sale. The Coaches host 2 fishing tournaments a year. They supply bait, hot dog lunch, raffle prizes, and trophies for this event.
My husband and I took our son, Carson to his first fishing tournament. We didn't even have a pole but Coach had one ready for us. It was awesome to see his face as his mom baited the hook and then his dad taught him how to cast and release the bait into the water. He was so excited and after 10 minutes he caught his first fish. Can you see him jumping on the dock? It was priceless. Many kids get to spend some quality time with mom or dad or even with the family enjoying some quiet time away from school. It was so nice to see the familiar faces and excitement as Tommy pulled up a 14 1/2 inch Hammerhead shark. WOW! TOO COOL! Another thing most don't know is that the Coaches use the $ to buy shoes for kids that need proper shoes for PE. It really does take a village and we are so blessed at Cypress Creek Elementary to have Coach Glover and Coach McLean to add a smile to a kid's face. So thank you both for your selflessness. We love you both!

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