Friday, November 13, 2009

Fabulous Read Aloud-Charlie & the Chocolate Factory

Thirty chapters and 155 pages later we finished Charlie and the Chocolate Factory today! Hold on-they clapped when I finished the book. It was priceless and made my eyes flood up. They went on and on about how they loved it! This is one of those occasions we as teachers live for and remember through the tough times. I wanted the kids to draw their favorite parts and when I saw the details and variety (all before watching the movie mind you) I can tell you I got goose bumps. Enjoy the show. Below you will see pictures from Chocolate Day 2009. There was so much chocolate it smelled like Mr. Wonka's factory in our classroom. We had chocolate pudding, milk, brownies, cookies, covered raisins, M&Ms, OREOs, and candy. There was so much a child actually said "I ate too much chocolate, I can't eat any more." It was a great way to end our read aloud and then we watched the movie to look for similarities and differences between the book. The class picked them out with ease.

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