Wednesday, August 26, 2009

First Grader at last...

Junie B. Jones has been a favorite of mine for quite some time and I love reading her books to students and hear them laugh in all the right places or predict what will happen next. I am sure for the parents of my new friends they are finding it hard to believe their child is officially a first grader, at last! We have had great fun getting to know one another, looking for patterns, reading books, and even thinking about scientists. Our adventure began Monday morning with reading the Kissing Hand and hunting for Chester the Raccoon around the school. We never did catch him but got to see Mr. Butler, our principal, Nurse Rhonda, Mrs. Stevenson, the Media Specialist, and even Ms. Maureen, the Cafeteria Manager. He was nice enough to leave us a snack after our tour of the school. I can tell this is going to be the start of a wonderful year. Some friends were missing from this 1st class photo so I will have to do an official class photo once I have everyone at school. I can't wait for you to see how stinking cute they are!

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Anonymous said...

Wow. First grade? Already? Julia is so excited about going into the first grade. All summer long, from the day of her kindergarden graduation she asked it time for first grade? Every day. Now she's looking forward to learn new things and also to grow up.
This is definitely a critical time in a child`s education, and as her parents we are very happy to see that she loves school. Is going to be a wonderful year.

Cornelia - Julia`s mother