Sunday, October 9, 2016

STEM classroom part 2

Our school was selected to create the classroom of the future and it was granted to our STEM classroom/lab!  We were in talks with the county officials, SMART, and Office Depot to create the future ready classroom.  After hearing our vision and goals for the upcoming school year, Office Depot worked with vendors to select just the right furniture.  
MOVING IN DAY!! Alright so it was furniture moving in day.  The boxes just kept coming in and there were 3 workers so I was getting excited about what it would all look like when it was done.
First they put together the desks. Yes they look like petals right.  Well they have 2 wheels and are easily movable for different table combinations. 
More and more desks...
 So many desks I thought where is everything going to fit?  WAIT let me get them organized...
 Taking shape... kind of...
 A room of flowers... get ready to bloom :)
 Up close you can see 5 fit together and those wheels make it a quick fit.  I know you are thinking where are the chairs?  They came at a later date more to come...
 YES those are yoga ball seats and YES the kids love them! And yes they are surrounding a SMART table. 21st century classroom has to have the latest and greatest right?
 This room is going to create builders, mathematicians, scientists, future leaders, coders, thinkers, makers, and oh so much more...
 Can you feel the excitement?
 The STEM classroom is the place to be.
 Next we need some SMART training right?  Joey from SMART came for training before the 1st day of school to train the 6 of us piloting the SMART technology products of the 21st century classroom.
So did you now they have a lab feature with easy game-like activities for setup in their notebook files.    Of course the kids we are I mean teachers we had to give it a try and we loved it!! Very interactive and the kids will appreciate the game like feel.
We were excited to hear the assessment features we could learn from the students.  Thanks Joey for the training.  We are ready to create some notebook files for the kids!
So Cecilia and Tyson were the first friends to visit and use the yoga ball seats.  Can you see those smiles? I told you they loved them!

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