Sunday, December 6, 2015

More Charlie and the Chocolate Factory...

Seriously the best read aloud ever!  Of course what does a teacher suggest?  Everyone bring in something made of chocolate to share while we play Jeopardy and then watch the movie?!?
2 tables of chocolate fit for 2 classes and yes we were on chocolate overload but it was so well worth it!

I loved reading each day and watching their faces light up with the increasing adventures. We broke out the buzzers to play Jeopardy regarding the book.  It was amazing to listen to the answers and the details they could recall.  
Fun times answering the Jeopardy questions.
Funny story Kaleb went to the doctor and through some talking the doctor asked what is your favorite book.  Caleb immediately said "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" funny right coming from a 6 year old and very few pictures. No problem we created them in our mind before we ever watched the movie.  Just love when they spread their inspiration to others.

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