Wednesday, October 15, 2014

What a way to end the year!

You are probably reading the headline and thinking wait, what?  It is only October where has the time gone? Exactly where has the time gone?  This is a post that is long overdue! Hopefully I won't get to emotional.  
My son Carson had the privilege to have Mrs. Spies and Mrs. Williams as teachers and the knowledge he learned will stay with him throughout his life.  I should know I strive to inspire like these 2 ladies do, some days I come close other days well you know teachers have dreams...  At Cypress Creek we talk about life skills and these are skills you use everyday to be a more productive human being.  Classes make skits and perform on the morning announcements, Otters of the Week awards are given out, and they are on display in classrooms.  These 2 classes headed a school wide campaign to collect pop tabs for the Ronald McDonald house.  They measured and calculated class averages.  They gave updates and made public service announcements to promote their campaign.  They even collect supplies to donate on their field trip over as a culminating activity.  See one of the teachers has a family member that has been a recipient of stays at Ronald McDonald houses right here in Florida.  Can you image going to the doctor and the doctor saying your child has to be admitted right now and there is no time to waste.  But, but I need to find a place to stay, I need a toothbrush, I need... but wait I can't leave my child. In steps the Ronald McDonald house to provide a home away from home so you can be near your sick child.  
I can't imagine...

These kids worked so hard and they were moved to visit the house, donate the supplies, and even received a tour from Cameron himself! Thank you for helping collect those pop tabs and keep sending them in. 
After the tour we went over the Orlando Science Center for an overnight field trip, I know crazy right? I asked my hubby if he wanted to be a chaperone and he said it wasnt his skill set. haha mine though and what a time to look back to one day.  It was an incredible adventure and with the kids he has been in class with since 2nd grade.  See this was Carson's 5th grade year and the last year I would take him to school with me, see him in the halls throughout the day, and get to be part of his class before heading off to middle school.  We made the most of it.  We laughed, played, and yes we did get sleep.  It was so much fun! I mean really how cute is this kid?!?
Thank you Mrs. Spies and Mrs. Williams for being the teachers to inspire my son to think of someone other than himself, to believe in miracles, and to love learning! We thank you from the bottoms of our heart and more...

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