Monday, November 4, 2013

Family pumpkins 2013

Each year the students take home a pumpkin worksheet and using supplies laying around the house, they decorate it as a family pumpkin.  The project is to encourage family time and it is so much fun to hear what goes on during the creation of the family pumpkin.  I wanted you to get in on the action so I video taped the kids while they shared.  Aren't they the cutest firsties ever?!?  A BIG thank you to Ms. Aubrey for making pumpkin crispy treats so we could enjoy a snack while sharing.  It took me a while to put it all together but oh so worth it.  Sit back and watch as they share their family pumpkins.

Our county holds an annual food drive through our School Way Cafe-cafeteria :).  So our caring community came through with 69.5 pounds of canned foods.  WOW!! We won our grade level challenge but really everyone won because our 1500 pounds from Cypress Creek Elementary went to fill pantry shelves throughout Volusia County.  YIPPEE!  Thanks for being the school that cares!


Anonymous said...

the family pumpkin was very fun to watch. all the kids did a wonderful job

Anonymous said...

i like it it is cool.