Sunday, September 22, 2013

Kids Know my Favorite Number is 10

In first grade we spend quality time grounding the students in the number 10.  10 is my favorite number and they KNOW it!  We talk about all the combinations of ten and how 10 is a foundation number.  Let me explain.  If a child can get to 10 they can get to a decade and that is a beautiful thing when adding or subtracting larger numbers.  I know why now when it is only the 23rd day of 1st grade?  I am laying the foundation or the progression for when we work with larger numbers.  Each day they identify mystery numbers on a blank 100 chart. This day we just happened to be talking about 18, 48, and 88.
How many until the next friendly number?  "2" and "how do you know that?"  "I can count 2 boxes." or "2 more and I get to 20, 50, and 90."  YES!! now why? After some questioning someone pointed out... well check out the video and see why.  Aren't they the best mathematicians ever?!?

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Elizabeth Burns said...

Hi Mrs. Wright

We just watched your video feature on Teacher Channel and love your mental math lessons. We also LOVE your site! Is it possible for you to share your Friendly Numbers, or 'Numbers Chart' activity?

Our team loves your work and would love to try these activities out up here in Connecticut!

I can be reached at

Elizabeth Burns