Sunday, August 18, 2013

Oh my goodness school starts tomorrow...

I cannot believe another summer has passed by. My daughter Kaile will be a 7th grader and Carson will be a 5th grader. Where has the time gone? Thursday was such an exciting day I got to meet a new batch of firsties! I have 18 on the roll and 17 showed up to take a look around, munch on doughnuts, and get ready for first grade! I am so excited for these kids and the adventures we will take this year. I cannot wait to chronicle it here on the blog so the world can see them in action. I gave them some Night Before School confetti to sprinkle on their nightstand and here is a sneak peek into the room they will walk into tomorrow morning. YIPPEE for my I just love first grade! I am emailing this to all my families right after I post and if 5 children tell me "First grade is the best!" there will be a super surprise at 8 am. Wonder how many will say it? Let's see if I can get the 5 first right?

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