Wednesday, January 26, 2011

100th DAY!!!

January 26, 2011 and what a fabulous 100th day of school it was...
These pictures don't even begin to describe the fun and excitement of the day.  We made hats, we wrote how we would spend $100, estimated 100 steps and then took those 100 steps around school, and made 100th day bags of trail mix.  We rolled the dice to 100, and drew what we would look like at 100 and what we would like to be able to still do.  OK had to laugh at Dylan's, he wants to play his DS in the wheelchair, look at his work. 
We made portraits from torn paper and I will have to add those 1st thing in the morning.  They were the best ever!  We ended the day talking about what we have learned and what was most memorable these past 100 days.  One child said I can't pick one, the list is too long. Oh to be 6 again and in the 1st grade celebrating the 100th day of school... Oh yeah, the kids were given 100 to make a picture.  Check out the robot and people from Dylan and Aidan. Very creative!

Make sure to check out the Smilebox with our 100 bag collections.  Can you believe it? Noone brought the same as another.  It was great fun hearing how the kids came up with what they would bring and by the way I sent them home today so if your candy bag came back a few short you know where they went.
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