Sunday, September 20, 2009

Where is Annie?

I got the most unbelievable gift this week from a great teacher friend! My friend Robert Miller does some consulting and presenting on behalf of Brainpop. He gave me a cardboard Annie! Now for those of you that do not know Annie let me explain. Tim & Moby are THE characters of Brainpop. They answer questions and teach children through 4-5 minute movies about all kinds of topics. Teachers love the quizzes and activities that accompany the movies. Brainpop decided to make a primary user friendly approach with Annie & Moby. That is where my 1st graders have come to know and LOVE Annie. Here is a picture of Annie with my own children Kaile & Carson.
I have decided to do a "Where's Annie?" installment on our class blog. Stay tuned for clues and pictures and see if you can guess what Annie is up to in our classroom, around our school, and in our community.

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