Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day 2009

Reduce, reuse, and recycle was the focus of our day. Thanks to Mrs. McGowan and her website, our class read a reader's theater to celebrate the occasion. Watch the movie and learn some ways you too can help the Earth. We enjoyed some dirt cups with our friends in Ms. Garver and Mrs. Patenaude's class. The April family homework project was to make a sculpture or invention out of recycled materials and we had the coolest creations come in the room! We had an elephant made from plastic bottles and duct tape and the perfect pet dog that you can even wag the tail. We had a painted SpongeBob and even a snake from aluminum cans and an Easter egg. A HUGE thank you to all the familes that participated. You are really using your smarts and just think you recycled!


Anonymous said...

Morgyn said she had SO much fun yesterday! Thank you for discovering all the great hands on activities that the kids can enjoy :)
Ashley K

Gabi's Family said...

This was an awesome project! We wish all pets could be as easy to take care of as Gabi's pet dog! We had a great time putting this project together!