Thursday, December 11, 2008

Jimmy Sawgrass @ Cypress Creek Elementary

Remember back to the Walk-a-thon in October. Our fabulous PE department takes the money raised and uses it to buy needed sneakers and sponsor students for field trips. They also use the money for school wide events like the fishing tournament under the Dunlawton Bridge and the much anticipated Field Day at the end of the year. This year they sponsored Jimmy Sawgrass to talk to the children about his Muskogee heritage. He was awesome! He taught the children words and showed various authentic skins. He talked about tradtions of hunting. He talked of a world without Wal-Mart and the using the woods to find the things you need. He even fired a musket so watch the movie clip below. The children really enjoyed the show and learned a lot! Thank you to the Walk-a-thon participants and contributors and thank you to our fabulous PE department-Coach Glover and Coach McLean.

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